B2B E-Commerce Marketplace for Pharmacies

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An innovative B2B eCommerce platform for Medical Professionals aims to revolutionize online purchasing and sales operations for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, distributors, and pharmacies.


Project Overview

Developed in collaboration with a pharmaceutical partner, our project addresses challenges in the medical industry through a robust B2B eCommerce platform. We streamlined transactions, reduced operational inefficiencies, and empowered medical professionals with a user-friendly system. The outcomes include significant reductions in stockouts, improved fulfillment accuracy, and a 25-30% decrease in manual inventory efforts.

Customer Company Story

A forward-thinking pharmaceutical company, partners with us to develop a robust B2B eCommerce platform. It aims to streamline transactions, boost efficiency, and broaden its reach, serving pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, distributors, and pharmacies in their online purchasing and sales operations. Traditional procurement and sales processes are fraught with inefficiencies, resulting in increased operational costs, limited market reach, and compliance.

Automated Inventory

Automated Inventory

Robust system tracking quantities, expiration dates, and reorder points.
Automated alerts to prevent stockouts and product expiration.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Improved search functionality, organization, and detailed product descriptions.
Employed faceted search for efficient browsing of extensive pharmaceutical catalogs.

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

Stockouts reduced by 32%, and overstocking decreased by 22%.
Fulfillment accuracy improved to an impressive 96%.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Implemented a scalable architecture using Mongo, Node, Express, React, Axios, Docker, and AWS.
Ensured the platform's ability to handle increased user loads and future expansions.

Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Comprehensive business dashboards and order tracking functionality for effective management
Contributing to a 96% improvement in fulfillment accuracy.

Robust Data Security

Robust Data Security

Data security is paramount, and our system employs strong measures to protect user data and maintain the utmost privacy.


The development of the Exclusive Exchange Platform for Medical Professionals faced challenges related to complex inventory management, extensive pharmaceutical product catalogs, and the need for an intuitive user experience for healthcare professionals. Despite these hurdles, the team successfully addressed these challenges through effective collaboration, utilizing a solution-oriented approach. The result is a comprehensive B2B eCommerce platform that significantly improves operational efficiency and caters to the unique demands of the medical industry.



For our Exclusive Exchange Platform for Medical Professionals, we carefully selected a technology stack to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability



React for building a dynamic and responsive user interface.
Styled Components for modular and styled components.


Node.js and Express for robust server-side development.
Axios for handling HTTP requests.


OAuth for secure and seamless user authentication.
We followed best practices outlined by OWASP to address common security vulnerabilities.


Docker for containerization, ensuring consistency across environments.
AWS for scalable and reliable cloud hosting.


Automated testing and deployment were facilitated by Jenkins in our CI/CD pipeline.
Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration ensured efficient deployment.
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Integration of machine learning libraries like scikit-learn & TensorFlow for predictive analytics.
Implementation of robust data preprocessing techniques to enhance the accuracy.


Our team, composed of Project Manager, Software Architecture, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Designers and SQA Engineers, started working according to Agile methodology. The main tasks were the following



The final outcome was the full-fledged Exclusive Exchange Platform for Medical Professionals System includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Platform Functionality
  • Inventory Management Improvements
  • Fulfillment Accuracy Enhancement
  • Efficiency Gains in Inventory Management
  • User-Centric Design Validation
  • Responsive and Efficient Product Catalog
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

Make your Custom E-Commerce Platform a reality! Focus on innovating and leave us the heavy lifting!



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B2B E-Commerce Marketplace for Medical Professionals

Welcome to Webevis Technologies, the ultimate hub for optimizing medical supplies procurement. Our B2B e-commerce marketplace seamlessly links medical professionals with reliable suppliers, providing a convenient platform for fulfilling all procurement requirements swiftly and efficiently.

What is a B2B E-Commerce Marketplace?

A B2B e-commerce marketplace is a digital platform where businesses engage in buying and selling goods and services exclusively to other businesses. Unlike traditional retail platforms, B2B marketplaces cater specifically to the needs of companies, offering a wide range of products and services tailored to various industries. These marketplaces streamline the procurement process, providing a centralized hub where buyers can discover suppliers, compare offerings, negotiate terms, and complete transactions efficiently. By facilitating direct connections between businesses, B2B marketplaces foster collaboration, drive innovation, and empower enterprises to expand their networks, access new markets, and achieve their procurement goals with ease and agility.

What is the difference between B2B, B2C, and B2G e-commerce?

You must understand the following distinctions between B2B,B2C , and B2G e-commerce to tailor your e-commerce strategies effectively and cater to the specific needs of your target markets.

B2B E-Commerce: Business-to-Business :

In B2B e-commerce, transactions occur between businesses, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. The primary focus is on meeting the needs of other businesses rather than individual consumers. B2B marketplace typically involve larger order volumes, longer sales cycles, customized pricing,and contracts to accommodate bulk purchases.

B2C E-Commerce: Business to Consumer :

B2C e-commerce involves transactions between businesses and individual consumers. This encompasses the online retail industry, where businesses sell products and services directly to end-users. B2C platforms prioritize consumer convenience, offering user-friendly interfaces , personalized shopping experiences, and various payment options to cater to individual preferences.

B2G E-Commerce: Business to Government :

B2G e-commerce refers to transactions between businesses and governmental entities. This includes government procurement processes, where businesses bid for contracts to provide goods and services to government agencies. B2G platforms often involve strict compliance requirements, bidding procedures, and regulatory considerations tailored to government procurement regulations.

Key Differences- B2B, B2C, and B2G E-Commerce :

Audience :

B2B targets businesses, B2C targets individual consumers, and B2G targets government entities.

Transaction Type :

B2B involves bulk orders and negotiations, B2C involves individual purchases, and B2G often involves government procurement processes.

Marketing Approach :

B2B focuses on building relationships, B2C emphasizes consumer preferences, and B2G requires compliance with government regulations.

What are the main features of a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform?

A B2B e-commerce marketplace platform encompasses several key features tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses engaging in transactions with other businesses. These features collectively empower companies to efficiently conduct transactions, foster supplier relationships, and streamline procurement operations within the B2B e-commerce landscape. These features typically include:

Comprehensive Supplier Catalogs :

Access a wide range of products and services from multiple trusted suppliers.

Efficient Order Management Systems :

Streamlined processes for placing, tracking, and managing orders, including bulk ordering capabilities.

Custom Pricing and Contracts :

Flexible pricing structures and contract negotiations tailored to individual business needs and purchasing volumes.

Secure Payment Gateways :

Integration with secure payment methods and compliance with industry-standard security protocols to ensure safe transactions.

Advanced Search and Filtering Options :

Robust search functionalities and filtering options to easily locate specific products, suppliers, or categories.

Personalized Account Management :

Dedicated account management and customer support to address inquiries, resolve issues, and provide personalized assistance.

Integration Capabilities :

Seamless integration with existing ERP systems, inventory management software, and other business tools for enhanced efficiency and workflow automation.

Analytics and Reporting :

Insights into purchasing trends, performance metrics, and transaction history to inform strategic decision-making and optimize procurement processes.

What are the advantages of using a B2B e-commerce Marketplace?

Using a B2B e-commerce marketplace offers numerous advantages:

Expanded Supplier Network :

Access to a diverse pool of trusted suppliers, offering a wider range of products and services to meet business needs.

Increased Efficiency :

Streamlined procurement processes, including automated order placement, tracking, and invoicing, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Cost Savings :

Competitive pricing, bulk discounts, and transparent pricing models contribute to cost savings for businesses procuring goods and services.

Enhanced Transparency :

Clear visibility into product availability, pricing, and delivery schedules fosters transparency and informed decision-making.

Scalability :

Scalable platforms that can accommodate growing business needs, enabling businesses to easily expand their supplier base and product offerings.

Improved Compliance :

Compliance with industry regulations and standards, including data security and privacy, ensuring business transactions adhere to legal requirements.

Business Insights :

Access to analytics and reporting tools providing valuable insights into purchasing patterns, supplier performance, and market trends, facilitating strategic planning and optimization.

What are the disadvantages of using a B2B Marketplace?

While B2B marketplaces offer numerous benefits, businesses should carefully consider these potential drawbacks when deciding to utilize such platforms for procurement needs.

Limited Customization :

Marketplace platforms may offer limited flexibility in terms of branding, customization, and integration with existing systems.

Dependency on Platform :

Businesses may become dependent on the marketplace for procurement, risking potential disruptions if the platform experiences downtime or policy changes.

Competitive Pressure :

Increased competition within the marketplace can lead to downward pressure on prices, potentially affecting profit margins for sellers.

Quality Control Challenges :

Ensuring product quality and consistency from various suppliers can be challenging, leading to potential issues with customer satisfaction.

Transaction Fees :

Marketplace fees and commissions can add to the overall procurement costs, impacting the bottom line for businesses.

Why choose Webevis Technologies?

Choosing Webevis Technologies offers unparalleled advantages in streamlining your medical supplies procurement process. Our B2B e-commerce Marketplace stands out for its commitment to excellence, reliability, and efficiency.

Streamlined Procurement :

Webevis Technologies offers a seamless B2B e-commerce marketplace, streamlining the procurement process for pharmacies and medical professionals.

Trusted Suppliers :

Connect with a network of trusted suppliers, ensuring access to high-quality medical supplies and services.

Efficiency and Convenience :

Our platform provides efficient order management systems, personalized account management, and secure payment gateways, enhancing convenience for our users.

Customized Solutions :

Tailored pricing, contract negotiations, and personalized assistance cater to the unique needs of pharmacies and medical professionals.

Transparency and Insights :

Gain visibility into product availability, pricing, and purchasing trends through advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Scalability and Integration :

Scalable platforms and seamless integration capabilities enable businesses to expand their operations and optimize workflow efficiency.

Exceptional Customer Support :

Dedicated customer support ensures prompt resolution of inquiries and issues, fostering a positive user experience.

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