Terminal Management System Solutions

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Webevis Technologies provides complete Terminal Management System (TMS) solutions that are intended to improve productivity and simplify processes for businesses of all sizes. Our TMS solutions offer centralized control and real-time monitoring capabilities by integrating seamlessly with point-of-sale (POS) systems. Our innovative solutions, which range from automated software updates to remote device monitoring, enable companies to maximize the operation of their terminal networks.


Project Overview

Our project revolves around establishing a centralized POS Terminal Management System to address challenges posed by dispersed POS applications. This system unifies various local terminals into a cohesive network, enhancing efficiency. The project spans UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, Socket.IO integration, and thorough beta testing. The ultimate goal is to provide businesses with a seamless platform for effortless management, registration, and configuration of POS devices.

Customer Company Story

Our client, a leading force in their nation's financial technology landscape, entrusted us to revolutionize their operations, the client sought our expertise to develop an advanced Terminal Management System. This bespoke solution consolidates and oversees a network of over 200,000 registered POS devices, facilitating streamlined management, registration, and configuration processes. Supporting more than 800,000 payment terminals.

Unified Dashboard

Unified Dashboard

A centralized dashboard offering real-time insights into the status and performance of over 200,000 registered POS devices.

Business and Store Registration

Business and Store Registration

Intuitive tools for businesses and stores to effortlessly register, enabling efficient management of their presence within the system.

Terminal and User Management

Terminal and User Management

Comprehensive features for managing terminals and user access, promoting flexibility and control.

Terminal Logs

Terminal Logs

Detailed logs providing a chronological record of activities, aiding in performance analysis and issue resolution.



Granular configurations covering device communications, clerk/server maintenance, transaction settings, device printer configurations, and header/footer management.

Notifications and Updates

Notifications and Updates

Customizable notification system providing timely updates on device status, ensuring proactive issue resolution.


The project encountered challenges in managing dispersed Point-of-Sale (POS) applications across local terminals. Centralizing control over 200,000 POS devices posed significant organizational hurdles. Achieving seamless UI/UX alignment required meticulous attention. Security concerns were paramount, necessitating robust measures to safeguard data in interactions between the management system and POS devices. Additionally, the integration of various technologies presented intricate technical challenges. These obstacles underscored the need for innovative solutions and strategic planning in developing the Terminal Management System.



The Terminal Management System achieved optimal functionality through a strategic selection of tech stacks

Data Storage

Data Storage

MongoDB was chosen as the primary database solution, providing a robust and scalable foundation for efficient data storage.
Back-End Development

Back-End Development

Node.js and Express formed the core of the backend, ensuring seamless server-side operations and facilitating efficient communication with the frontend.
Front-End Development

Front-End Development

React was employed for frontend development, empowering the system with a dynamic and responsive user interface, contributing to an enhanced user experience.
Real-time Communication

Real-time Communication

The system achieved real-time communication capabilities through the integration of Socket.IO, ensuring responsiveness and effective data exchange.
Messaging and Email Functionality

Messaging and Email Functionality

Send Grid played a pivotal role in the implementation of messaging and email functionalities, contributing to effective communication and notifications.
Media Handling

Media Handling

Cloudinary was leveraged for seamless media handling, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of multimedia content within the system.


We began by examining the architecture of different POS Systems and schema, segmenting it into distinct sections for improved organization. Employing the Agile methodology, we divided the work into ten individual sprints.



The final outcome was the full-fledged Terminal Management System includes the following:

  • Unified Dashboard
  • Businesses and Stores Registration
  • Terminal and User Management
  • Terminal Logs
  • Terminal Configurations
  • Clerk/Server Maintenance
  • Transaction Settings
  • Device Printer Configurations

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Terminal Management System— Main Solution Components

Our Terminal Management System (TMS) is precisely designed to provide companies with unprecedented control and efficiency over their terminal networks. Our TMS, which includes vital components adapted to meet varied operational needs, provides the seamless management and optimization of Point of Sale (POS) systems.

● Terminals Firmware

Webevis Technologies' Terminal Management System (TMS) integrates advanced terminal firmware, providing reliable operation and performance. Our firmware solutions enable more seamless transactions and better customer experiences by enhancing the dependability and security of POS terminals. We ensure your terminals are always up to date with the latest security measures and features by performing routine updates and optimizations.

● POS Concentrator

Our Terminal Management System includes a powerful POS concentrator, acting as a central hub for managing multiple POS devices efficiently. The Point of Sale Concentrator expedites real-time monitoring and control by consolidating data and optimizing communication between terminals and backend systems. Our POS concentrator guarantees smooth coordination and synchronization across all terminals, whether you run a single store or a network of branches.

● Device and Apps Management

As part of our Terminal Management System, we offer complete device and application management capabilities. We provide centralized control over your POS ecosystem, handling everything from device deployment and configuration to software application and update management. Our system allows for remote troubleshooting, performance optimization, and security enhancements, ensuring that your terminals run at maximum efficiency while minimizing downtime and hazards.

Firmware for Merchant Terminals

Webevis Technologies' Terminal Management System (TMS) provides cutting-edge firmware solutions for merchant terminals. Our firmware is meticulously developed to maximize efficiency, improve security, and guarantee POS device operation. With regular upgrades and feature enhancements, we provide merchants with reliable and powerful terminal firmware that fits with the shifting demands of modern commerce.

● Firmware for POS Terminals

Our Terminal Management System includes specialized firmware for POS terminals tailored to deliver exceptional performance and functionality. Our firmware solutions are designed to give retailers the assurance and dependability they require to run their point-of-sale (POS) systems effectively, covering everything from transaction processing to data security. With terminal management system POS, we enable them to provide exceptional client experiences and stimulate business growth with advanced functions and continuous support.

● Merchant App for SmartPOS with Android OS

We offer a dedicated merchant app designed for SmartPOS devices running on the Android operating system. Our app provides merchants with intuitive tools and features to manage transactions, monitor sales data, and streamline operations. With seamless integration into our Terminal Management System, the merchant app empowers businesses to maximize the potential of their MPOS devices and enhance the efficiency of their POS operations.

● Service App for Third-Party Merchant App Developers

As part of our Terminal Management System, we provide a service app for third-party merchant app developers. This app makes it easier to integrate external apps with our TMS platform by providing thorough APIs, documentation, and support. By empowering developers to create new solutions that complement our terminal management system, we establish a thriving ecosystem of POS applications that cater to the unique demands of both merchants and consumers.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Terminal Management System

Our Terminal Management System (TMS) provides a complete set of features and benefits aimed at streamlining POS operations and increasing efficiency. Further, our Terminal Management System (TMS) POS offers companies unparalleled control and insights into their terminal environment.

● Real-Time Monitoring

Our Terminal Management System (TMS) provides real-time monitoring of POS terminals, enabling businesses to track transactions, monitor performance, and detect anomalies instantly. With live updates and alerts, merchants can ensure operational efficiency and address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing customer service.

● Web-Based Application

Webevis Technologies' TMS is a web-based application offering convenience and accessibility for businesses to manage their POS infrastructure from anywhere with an internet connection. Merchants may conveniently monitor terminal operations, adjust settings, and obtain insightful information thanks to an intuitive interface.

● Block Terminal

Our TMS empowers merchants to block terminals remotely in case of security threats or unauthorized access. With the ability to instantly suspend terminal activity, businesses can mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and enhancing overall security measures.

● Information at Your Fingertips

With our TMS, merchants have critical information at their fingertips, including transaction histories, inventory levels, and device statuses. This comprehensive data accessibility enables informed decision-making, strategic planning, and proactive management of terminal management system POS operations.

● Generate Reports

Our TMS allows businesses to generate detailed reports on various aspects of terminal performance and transaction data. From sales analytics to inventory management, these reports provide valuable insights to optimize processes, identify trends, and drive business growth.

● Visualized Insights

We offer visualized insights through intuitive dashboards and analytics tools within our TMS platform. These graphical representations enable merchants to interpret data effectively, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

● Integrate With Any Terminal

Our TMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of POS terminals, regardless of brand or model. This flexibility enables businesses to leverage existing hardware investments while benefiting from the advanced features and functionalities of our terminal management system.

● Quick Deployment

We ensure quick and hassle-free deployment of our TMS, minimizing disruption to business operations and enabling merchants to start optimizing their POS infrastructure rapidly. With easy setup and configuration, businesses can accelerate time-to-value and begin reaping the benefits of our terminal management solution promptly.

Web-Based Terminal Management Software Solutions

Webevis Technologies offers web-based Terminal Management Software (TMS) solutions designed to provide merchants with seamless control over their POS terminals from anywhere with internet access. Our intuitive web interface allows businesses to efficiently manage terminal configurations, monitor transaction activity, and access real-time insights to drive informed decision-making.
With our web-based TMS solutions, merchants can remotely block terminals in case of emergencies, generate detailed reports for performance analysis, and integrate with various POS devices effortlessly. The flexibility and accessibility of our web-based platform ensure that businesses can streamline their POS operations with ease, whether they operate a single store or a multi-location chain.
Experience the convenience and flexibility of managing your terminals online with Webevis Technologies' web-based TMS solutions.

Payment Processing Terminals Software Solutions

Webevis Technologies specializes in providing advanced payment processing terminal software solutions as part of our Terminal Management System (TMS). Our software empowers merchants to optimize their POS systems for efficient payment processing, offering seamless integration, robust security measures, and real-time transaction monitoring. Our TMS streamlines businesses' payment processing operations, enhances customer experiences, and drives growth. With Webevis Technologies' payment processing terminal software, businesses can stay ahead in the dynamic POS landscape while maximizing operational efficiency and revenue potential.

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